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Wilwood Proportioning Valve w/Brake Light Switch

Brake Accessories


When upgrading your brakes, it’s a great idea to add in a proportioning valve that allows you to adjust the front to rear braking bias. ┬áIn addition to providing brake bias control, this proportioning valve also includes a built-in brake light switch, which means you no longer have to fight under dash wiring and faulty mechanical switches on your brake pedal. Wilwood brake proportioning valves are adjustable between 100 and 1,000 psi with a twist of a knob, and can reduce pressure up to 57 percent. They let you adjust brake bias quickly and easily to compensate for changing track conditions, or for big and little tire combinations. Wilwood machines each proportioning valve from billet aluminum and gives it a durable anodized finish.

  • Proportioning Valve
  • Black aluminum machined body
  • Integrated brake light switch
  • Knob adjustment
  • 3/8-24 in. thread, 2- Inlets, 3-Outlets
  • Easy installation


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