Tough suspension for classic American muscle!

MOPAR Suspension Wilwood Brakes – MOPAR Rear Stock Replacement

A-Body, B-Body, E-Body


Wilwood makes a number of Mopar upgrade rear disc brake kits for A-, B- and E-Body Mopar’s, each designed with safety and durability in mind.  There are a variety of caliper sizes, ranging from a 11″, 2- piston, all the way to 13″, 4-piston monster rear brakes.  These rear brakes are for Mopar & Dana differentials.  All have an integrated parking brake, and all require your axles to have the Green Snap Ring bearings (PART MO-400).  You will also need a parking brake cable kit (Part # 330-9371).

Don’t forget that you will need to upgrade your master cylinder if you are installing rear disc brakes, and a proportioning valve is recommended.  All of these accessories are available right here.

Some kits are in stock.  Wilwood will drop ship our out-of-stock kits directly to you.



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