Tough suspension for classic American muscle!

MOPAR Suspension 4-Link MOPAR Coil-Over Rear Suspension Systems

1962 - 1965 - 1971 - 1974 A-Body, B-Body, E-Body


Our 4-Link Coil-Over Rear Suspension Systems for MOPAR muscle cars are designed to provide exceptional traction, stability, handling, control, safety and performance, making your MOPAR muscle car a contender. This weld-in system is designed in-house on the most advanced SolidWorks CAD systems.  These 4-link systems are eager performers that release unsprung weight while increasing the torsional rigidity of the rear end. Wheel hop is eliminated and rear body roll is controlled.  Lighter, stronger and more precise than the stock suspension, these systems are as much at home on the street as they are on the strip, autocross or road race courses.  All of our 4-link coil over systems come to you packaged and complete.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

4-Link coil over systems come in two configurations: Parallel and triangulated.  Parallel systems have the upper and lower trailing arms running parallel to each other, and the system requires a panhard bar to prevent it from shifting side-to-side.  The panhard bar is adjustable, just as the rest of the system is.  On triangulated systems, one set of trailing arms, either the upper or lower, are angled inward creating a triangle.  No panhard bar is required for these systems because the triangle prevents the system from moving side-to-side.

Your 4-link coil-over system comes complete, but all brackets must be welded into position. Here’s what you get, so there’s nothing else to buy:

  • Maximum wheel clearance
  • Allows for mini-tub
  • Exhaust systems fit
  • Custom laser cut and CNC formed brackets
  • Fully adjustable and powder coated DOM seamless round tube trailing arms
  • Custom adjustable panhard bar OR track bar
  • TIG welded CNC machined threaded inserts for ease of adjustment & strength
  • Double adjustable Viking coil-over shocks, USA Made
  • Viking high tensile steel springs specific to your vehicle
  • Chromoly adjustable rod ends
  • Forged adjustable bushing housings with performance polygraphite bushings
  • All Grade 8 hardware
  • Complete instructions
  • Powder coated parts packaged foam-in-place
  • Welding required
Generic 4-link loadedGeneric 4-link coA-Body Parallel w2-Sway BarParallel 4-LinkB E Parallel w- Track BarBE w Track Bar on Groundparallel on ground – panhardDSC_2365Blue Hemi Dart RearBoulet 64 Fury 4-Link – CROPPEDmopar-b-1966-74-b-body-tri-4-link-1mopar-b-1966-74-b-body-tri-4-link-2


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