Tough suspension for classic American muscle!

Sub-Frame Connectors

1964 - 1969 - 1979 - 1983 Sub-Frame Connectors


Sub-frame connectors are designed to prevent your unitized body vehicle from twisting under hard acceleration or hard loads, such as drag race launch and high G turns on autocross and road race courses. Our CAD designed steel sub-frame connectors are primary accessories for any unitized body vehicle that’s producing good power while trying to eliminate unwanted body flex. These units must be welded into position to work properly.  These  weld-in connector bars are vehicle specific, not generic units that you have to figure out.  We’ve done the engineering for you.  Parts include custom cut and/or welded connector bars and laser cut, CNC formed brackets with complete instructions.

ACC-1815 Gremlin-Spirit-Concord-Hornet Subframe Connector AssemblyAmerican Sub-Frame ConnectorsAMX-Javelin Sub-Frame ConnectorsRebel-Matador Sub-Frame Connectors


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