Tough suspension for classic American muscle!

Headers – AMC Custom Long Tube – Polished Ceramic

Headers / AMC V-8


Control Freak has introduced custom long tube headers that actually fit without the aid of a hammer or the pain of busted knuckles.  It is also a system that flows very, very well.  We worked with a major header manufacturer and sent them our prototypes that were fit to specific AMC vehicles with AMC V8 power.

  •  3” Collector
  • 1-5/8” Primary tubes good to over 500 horsepower
  • 3/8” Laser cut flanges – Dog leg ports
  • 14 Gauge tube
  • 5/16” Collector flange
  • Polished ceramic coating for cooler engine bay, long life and good looks
  • Collectors tucked up as high as possible keeping a safety margin between the collector and the road

* Will not fit with high port Indy heads

Headers Top ViewHeaders Top – Dogleg PortsGaskets Bolts and CollectorsFlangesFlange CloseupCollector Flange
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